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Silver Jewellery Photoshoot

Product Photography Silver Jewellery

Product Photography Silver Jewellery

The Challenge
Jewellery being a product with high aesthetic quality and exquisite appeal, is challenging as a product as it involves deep sentimentality on the part of the consumer when buying it. That comes from the background that jewellery uses expensive raw material and is usually to commemorate something or someone dear in life. And what is one of the most appealing aspects of jewellery is the biggest challenge in capturing the beauty of it too – the shine and shimmer.


Our Strategy
Understand the product
The key to delivering an array of photographs for the advertising campaign which would be way above the satisfaction levels, was to understand the passion that went behind designing and creating each piece of the jewellery. The amount of effort and perfection behind each cut, curve and shine enabled us to portray the true essence of each of the items.
Assess the Likeability
Being a society still driven by convention on certain fronts, Consumers have a rather sacred respect for jewellery. Each item in the consumers jewellery collection is a personal possession held close. We had to ensure that each photograph reached out to this sentiment and established an appeal.
Toiling hard to get each shot right, we put in a great deal of effort to get the lighting spot on. With items having multiple reflective surfaces, we had to ensure that each shot beamed the item in the true light without any noise from reflections. The result was product photography delivered with the immaculate accuracy.


Having a technically sound in-house studio and photography gears, Muktistudios constantly create visuals that emphasise concept over procedure. According to the specific product, specific digital camera & lenses are used by us for a tailor made setup to create Beautiful E-commerce Photography that will install faith in your online store.