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Case Study (Le Calla)
The Challenge
The main challenge with jewellery photo shoots, without a model, is to highlight the actual beauty of the piece of jewellery itself without overshadowing the intricacy of the work done and the natural beauty of the material itself. The reflection of the shooting lights can play the devil and hence the control over the lighting is of utmost importance.
Our Strategy
Understand the product
We put in an elaborate effort behind the shoot to ensure that the photographs did justice to the splendour and the intricacies which went behind each jewellery piece. Capturing the essence of the metal and the design feel was the pivotal aspect we emphasized on
Assess the Likeability
Being a society still driven by convention on certain fronts, Indian consumers have a rather sacred respect for jewellery. Each item in the consumers jewellery collection is a personal possession held close. We had to ensure that each photograph reached out to this sentiment and established an appeal without losing the modern fusion with the designs.
The result was product photography delivered with the immaculate accuracy. Each photograph did justice to the beauty of the product and the work which went behind it. The client found the results excellent in the appeal and global taste in the overall presentation of the products.