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The Challenge
The biggest challenge for a new footwear company venturing out into the market and trying to set up an eCommerce on-line store, is to make its product stand out. Tangibility is a big factor when buying apparels or accessories and the closest an on-line store can bring the experience to a shopper, is to portray the feel of the product in its true light.


Our Strategy
Understand the product & Think Local
We put in a great deal of detail in understanding the product and the key selling points for it. This helps us get under the skin of the product and bring out its truest form through our high quality photography. Having worked with global clients and developed an international style of work, we still needed to connect to the local market which was the audience and clientèle for the shoes. In order to bring the international flavour to the local market, we worked on compositions which clicked with the youth striking familiar and desirable appeal.
Assess the competition & Search Patterns
India is a large and active marketplace with a big %age of the consumers in the 22-35 age group. As a result there are heaps of brands, international and local, vying to capture a sizeable chunk of the market share. That makes the marketing and advertising for a product like this increasingly aggressive. We put our experience and wisdom behind the entire approach laying emphasis on the quality of the product photography complemented by search engine optimised content to give the entire advertising campaign a wholesome and streamlined efficiency and effectiveness.


The choice of angles, the picture composition, the perfect lighting, its a detailed and meticulous task which we gladly like to take on and go into the minutest details. This helps us ensure nothing but the best array of high quality photographs for our clients to choose from. With this line of shoes, we put in all our expertise behind the shoot to bring out the appeal of the footwear. The results are here for you to review.


Having a technically sound in-house studio and photography gears, Muktistudios constantly create visuals that emphasise concept over procedure. According to the specific product, specific digital camera & lenses are used by us for a tailor made setup to create Beautiful E-commerce Photography that will install faith in your online store.