Product Photography for Jams – Fruit Bageecha

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About Company – 
Kartik and Anuradha, the directors of Kotgarh Fruit Bageecha Pvt. Ltd. are a married couple who were media professionals based in Singapore from 2001-2012. They have relocated to Thanedhar, Himachal Pradesh to set up our dream project, a boutique fruit processing unit.

Their passion has always been food, and after moving to Kotgarh they craft unique recipes with various fruits of the region. They pursue their dream project with participation, support and help of the farmers. The fantastic view of the greater Himalayas and the Sutlej, the abundance of high quality fruits and a great team make it a pleasure to create delicious products for their consumers.

Challenge – 
They were looking for a product Photography not on complete white background but something simple and effective. Which can compliment the product.

Solution –
We choose wooden planks with white paint on it. So that this cannot overshadow the product and can compliment the product.