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  • Muktistudios is a India/Singapore based video production company. We offer an in-house team of film specialists who can manage the video production process from concept through to completion.

    Our highly experience team of directors, camera operators, script writers, video editors, animators and producers, will ensure that your video receives the highest level of work at every stage of it’s execution.


Our experienced team take complex marketing messages and turn them into clear, concise and impactful videos. We are a branding company, which means we can produce engaging videos/websites/product photoshoot that go beyond your business objectives.

The company was started with the vision of capitalizing on the opportunities of marrying strong digital marketing techniques with solid video production experience.

Why We are Different

We take an integrated marketing approach to video production. This approach begins with creating emotionally, compelling video content. At the same time we leverage the possibilities that web analytics afford to measure and iterate based on the success of previous content.

Content marketing is integral to our approach to video production. This involves developing a holistic strategy which look as every element of marketing the video content. From identifying potential audiences through to seeding content to maximize exposure across multiple channels.

Meet The Team

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    Mohan Singh

    • Assistant DIrector in Bikkar Bai Sentimental Movie
    • Shot more than 20 videos as Video Director
    • More than 10 TV Commercials
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    — Creative Director
    • Expert in Making Storyboards
    • Content Writing
    • Voice Over
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    — Cinematographer
    • Knowledge of Red Cam, Alexa, and DSLR
    • Shot more than 15 Movies
    • Captured more than 80 videos

Our Awesome Skills

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What We Do

Muktistudios helps ambitious businesses grow with high quality video production. We specialize in creating engaging videos that deliver your marketing message in a compelling way that resonates with both internal and external audiences. Music Videos and Corporate Showreel is the backbone of our approach.

Our client list includes many leading national and international brands such as

– CoreSystems USA
– MD Everywhere
– Cargopack
– 9x Tashan
– Red 5
– Shree Naina Group
– HimPack Well
– Wjs Lighting
– Divya Channel
– Anjan TV


We exist because investing in corporate/music video production makes sense. Muktistudios is a one stop shop, with script writers, animators, voiceover artists and skilled editors in house. Crews of any size can be made available in India, or any international location.

Our facilities are exceptional but we recognize they are only of value if we spend time listening to you, understanding your business. Get in touch for an informal chat, or arrange to meet to take your project forward.